S/Y Jennifer in Nöteborg

S/Y Jennifer has been in Nöteborg fortress at the entrance of Lake Ladoga in Russia. This fortress was in both Swedish and Russian hands throughout history. It was of great strategic importance as it guarded Ladoga and access to St Petersburg. During peacetimes it served as a prison, both by the Tsars and the communists. During WW II Nöteborg saved Leningrad (St Petersburg) as provisions could be brought in via Ladoga and also as escape route for women & children. The Germans never managed to take the fortress. All in all – we are passing through former Swedish “colonies”. Yes, Sweden did have colonies; in The Baltic, Africa, America (Delaware) and Caribbean (St Barth). Now we are sailing wing-on-wing on Lake Ladoga, 3 times larger than the Swedish lake Vänern, on our way to Vallamo monastery 85 NM away, a World Heritage Site.Nöteborg fästning

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