S/Y Jennifer in Pegtrozavodsk, Russia

S/Y Jennifer and the Swedish “armada” moored in the old marina in Petrozavodsk in Onega Lake, Russia. Here they build old very basic wooden boats, Viking- and 1600-century style. These traditional boats went all the way to the Holy Land via Volga, Black Sea and the Med. Many communists from Western Europe (Kiruna-svenskarna) went here in the 1920’s and 30’ to build the socialist paradise. Unfortunately, Stalin mistrusted them and sent them to Gulag camps in Siberia or had them killed. Today Russian television has been here. Will stay here a few days and then sail on to the World Heritage Site Kizji, perhaps the most spectacular wooden church in the world.

Petro eskaderbåtarna1aPetro gruppen1aPetro karta1a

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