S/Y Jennifer in Stalin’s death canal

S/Y Jennifer on the White Sea Canal in Russia. It is also called Stalin’s Death Canal as more than 100 000 Gulag prisoners were forced to dig the canal, more or less by hand, in the early 1930’. Up to 25 000 might have perished of hunger, illness and gruesome work. The canal is the connection between the Berings Sea/White Sea and the Baltic via lakes, rivers and this canal, see photo. Besides us, only a few cargo vessels, no pleasure boats and lots of forest. On the canal entrance photo, note year 1933, that’s when Stalin inaugurated the canal. Closest in the photo: Odelfina, followed by Gantika, Tinto, Nikolina, Kvast-Hilda och Orion. Still no summer.

Kanal Alla på ledWhite Sea mapVita Havskanal skottkärraVita Havskanal Stalin

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