S/Y Jennifer in Solovetskij monetary

Solovatski 2a

S/Y Jennifer is in Solovetskij Island in the White Sea, Russia. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a combined monastery, prison and fortress, built in the 1500’s. The fortress was built as protection from the Swedes. It was never captured but for russian forces from Moscow, they plundered the monastery and killed the abbot & monks. After the 1917 revolution it became a collective farm a few years until Lenin had the monks killed. During Stalin it became the first Gulag prison in the Soviet Union. After its collapse 1991 it was renovated and is now a popular tourist and pilgrimage destination. It’s like being back in the 1700’ hundred and it’s one of my most exotic anchorages.S/Y Jennifer in SolovSolavetski procession1a

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