S/Y Jennifer has arrvied in Kirkenes, Norway

S/Y Jennifer is in Kirkenes, Northern Norway. The sail from Archangelsk to here, 500 NM and 3,5 days, was smooth with little wind, sun alternative fog – but chilly. Our one month sail through Russia – from St Petersburg to Archangelsk on canals, rivers and lakes – went without complications, no problems with authorities. It was easy to get food and fuel but there are no marinas, save in St Petersburg. We met a huge Russian nuclear submarine and a cruiser outside the marine base Murmansk, went through a scary weather front (see photo), but it didn’t contain much wind. We crossed the Polar Circle at 66 degrees, 33 minutes, which means that the sun will not set here during the summer. Now R&R (rest & recreation) a few days, crew change and on July 3 sail via Nordkap to Svalbard.Front Barents hav1a Front Barents hav akter1 Kirkenes kyrka

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