S/Y Jennifer is leaving Kirkenes for Nordkap and Svalbard

S/Y Jennifer is in Kirkenes, Norway, a small town of 3 000 people. The town is at the end of the so called Hurtigrutten, the route passengervessels cruise daily up and down the Norway coast. Close by is the border point of the three countries, Norway, Finland and Russia and here three time zones meet, supposedly the only place in the world. The midnight sun shines from May to July. During WWW 2 Nazi Germany occupied Kirkenes with 100 000+ soldiers, they wanted their hands on the rich iron main. Also, they bombed Murmansk from here and for this reason the Russian bombed Kirkenes repeatedly. Only Malta and Dresden were bombed more, and the town was totally destroyed. 1944 the Red Army expelled the Germans and liberated Kirkenes. The people here have few bad feelings towards Russia, as the Red army helped and fed the inhabitants many years after the war. We visited a vast underground bunker, Andersgrottan, which provided shelter to the town’s residents and an interesting Borderland Museum. Crew change here, Anki, Nadja and Per-Henrik left, Anders remained and, Lars D, P-O, Maria, Cecilia E and Ulrica joined. Crew now consists of 7 people. Now, we are off to Nordkap and from there Svalbard.

Kirkenes bryggan1 Kirkenes karta

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