S/Y Jennifer is in Kristianopel, Sweden

S/Y Jennifer is in Kristianopel, a picturesque little village on the Swedish southeast coast. This is where the border between Denmark and Sweden used to be. But in 1658 Sweden “stole” about 40% of what was then Denmark, and kept it to this day. The former inhabitants rose up but were not only beaten but also brutally tortured and killed by the Swedes. In the village are beautiful wooden houses and an old wall that used to protect the town, then a military garrison. Swedish flagged yachts are in minority here, most boats are from Germany, Holland and Finland. This is a true international small harbor. Tomorrow we are off to the Danish island of Bornholm, 70 NM. Onboard is Cecilia Montgomery, Jörgen Abrahamsson and skipper Lars Hässler. Note the church on two of the photos.

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